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New York

Megan Massacre

New Yorker Megan Woznicki, known as Megan Massacre for her passion for hardcore music, is an eminence in the tattoo industry. Artist, author of several publications and North American television media star thanks to her participation in programmes the likes of TLC’s NY Ink, America's Worst Tattoos and Bondi Ink.

She started at the suggestion of a good friend and, since then, she decorates the skins of millions of people with a unique style that combines dark images with strong, flashy colours. Her attention to detail makes her designs a true reflection of reality.


Jack Thomas Newton

Considered Brighton’s Top Tattooist in the UK, from the moment he picked up a needle at age 18 and started tattooing, Jack knew that he liked doing tattoos as much as wearing them. He is grateful to have met the right person at the right time and that is why he decided to move to Brighton, UK in 2008 to learn tattooing. Today he is considered the city’s top tattooist.

Jack's style is western traditional. He loves doing manuscripts in black and grey tones. He also works with colour, creating realistic pieces drenched in electric hues with a precision finish worthy of any great artist.


El Bueno

Manuel García Fernández, known as El Bueno, began his career as a professional tattoo artist in 2010, participating in international tattoo conventions and partnering with specialist shops both nationally and internationally. Today he is a considered a leading figure in the Madrid tattoo scene.

El Bueno’s style is inspiring and highly colourful. A true heir of traditional American tattooing, a style that he masters, using all the classic elements to create groundbreaking works. Technical, original and creative, his work lives up to his nickname.



Moay is the stage name chosen by Koldo, who describes himself as a graffiti writer. He was born and lives in the Basque Country, where he creates what are probably the most colourful tattoos today.

His style is defined as illustrative and strongly influenced by graffiti. If you are looking for a tattoo packed with details, Moay is clearly your best option.

The best showcase is the designs that decorate his body, which perfectly define what this young artist does with his needles.



Álvaro Contreras from Barcelona, ​​a.k.a. Buffonetti, started tattooing in 2011. He confesses that, as a child, what he liked most was to draw and to spend hours painting. That is why he took several courses focused on illustration. His not-so-long career contrasts with the superb quality of his tattoos.

He classifies his style as New School but lately he is also standing out for a more traditional Japanese style.


Mery Raijin

María Lasa, popularly known as Mery, benefits from a strong artistic influence in her family; musical on her mother’s side and pictorial her father’s.  Her relationship with the world of tattooing started on the day she had her first tattoo done, a dragon on her back.

She started as an apprentice in 2004 and opened her own studio, Raijin Tattoo, in 2007.

Her style is unmistakably neo-traditional.

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