Committed since 1904.

In an ever-changing world, a commitment to values ​​becomes even harder to see. At Viña Pomal, we want to advocate for the return to commitment with our own example, expressing the values ​​that have accompanied us for more than 100 years with this wine.

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    Haro is not just a place, it is a source of pride.

    We own the largest vineyard in the capital of wine. All our varietals are typical of the territory and our style; classic and balanced, like a true Rioja.

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    The habit of being a trend.

    We combine the most traditional and the most advanced practices. Our heart with innovation. Our viticulture brings together the best of yesterday and today, always under the same premise: to achieve genuine quality wines with a unique personality.

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    Our most treasured value

    We care for the land above all else. Only by treating it with respect and affection can we get the best for our wines. Our sustainable practices minimise environmental impact and guarantee the preservation of the environment.

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    As a personal value.

    Our love for good wine is non-negotiable. Our true aim is and always will be to produce quality wines. The passion with which we carry out our work is the same today as it was on the first day, and so it will be to the last grape. Without commitment, there are no results.
    Call us classic.

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